Executive Compensation: Rethinking the Model

Thursday 06 December 2018

Every year there are many questions raised about executive compensation. This morning our speakers discussed the need to review and to move away from the traditional approaches to executive compensation and addressed recent trends that Boards of Directors should consider in fulfilling their responsibilities.  We thank again Misters Yvan Allaire, John LeBoutillier and Michel Brutti who answered the questions of Mr. Caroline Biron.

December 6th  Yvan Allaire’s PowerPoint (in French only): HERE

Consult this IGOPP Policy Paper on Executive compensation (2017)


On the picture: John LeBoutillier, Yvan Allaire, Caroline Biron, Michel Brutti



Yvan Allaire, Ph.D., MSRC, Ch. O.M.
Executive Chair for the Institute of Governance (IGOPP)

Michel Brutti, B.Eng., MBA, CFA, ICD.D
Director and Portfolio Manager at Jarislowsky Fraser

John LeBoutillier, CM, LL.B., MBA, F.ICD
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Semafo Inc. and Groupe Deschênes Inc.



Caroline Biron, ASC
Partner, Woods s.e.n.c.r.l.