Emerging Technologies, Understanding the Disruption Ahead

We are proud to present this introductory guide for corporate directors on the challenges raised by new technologies.

The Board of Directors of ICD Quebec has set up an ad-hoc technology committee to better understand the impact new technologies will have on the role and responsibilities of directors. This committee is today releasing this introductory guide which covers the following elements:

• A description of eight emerging technologies
• The stakes and opportunities for our businesses
• Key issues that boards should focus on

We would like to thank the leader of the Ad-hoc Technology Committee, Ms. Estelle Métayer, and the members of the committee who contributed to the development of this guide, all of whom are experienced corporate directors and experts in technology companies.

We hope that this document will be useful to you in your role as directors. This conversation is just beginning as we will continue to feed it with our activities at ICD, and the expertise of our members.

Click on this link to download the document

Annie Thabet
Chair of the Board, ICD Quebec

Clemens Mayr
Chief Executive Officer, ICD Quebec