Honorary members of the ICD

Former Chairs, CEOs and Fellows of IAS-Quebec are part of our Honorary Members. Created in 1997, the Institute of Corporate Directors Fellowship Awards are the highest distinction for corporate directors in Canada and are presented annually to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Canadian enterprises and NFP organizations by bringing sound corporate governance leadership to boardrooms across the country. 

M. Bill Anderson

Fellow of ICD 2010

Mrs Françoise Bertrand

Fellow of ICD 2019

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M. André Courville

CEO ICD-Quebec 2015-2017

M. Denis Desautels

Fellow of ICD 2013

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In memoriam

M. Robert Després

Fellow of ICD 2009

M. Thierry Dorval

CEO ICD-Quebec 2013-2015

M. Richard Drouin

Fellow of ICD 2012

M. Claude Fontaine

Founder and president ICD-Quebec 2003-2007, Fellow of ICD 2010

Mrs Nicolle Forget

Fellow of ICD 2017

M. L. Yves Fortier

Fellow of ICD 2001

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Mrs Nathalie Francisci

CEO ICD-Quebec 2011-2013 and Co-Chair 2013-2015

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In memoriam

Hon. Paule Gauthier

Fellow of ICD 2007

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Mrs Jeannine Guillevin Wood

Fellow of ICD 1999

M. Stephen Jarislowsky

Fellow of ICD 2006

M. Jean La Couture

CEO ICD-Quebec 2009-2011 and Chair 2011-2013

M. Claude Lamoureux

Fellow of ICD 2002

M. J. Spencer Lanthier

Fellow of ICD 2011

M. John LeBoutillier

Fellow of ICD 2015

Mrs Monique Leroux

Fellow of ICD 2015

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M. Brian Levitt

Fellow of ICD 2014

M. Robert Paré

Chair ICD-Quebec 2015-2017

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Me Norman M. Steinberg

On recognition of the extraordinary work of creating IAS-Québec by Norton Rose Canada

M. Robert Parizeau

Co-Chair ICD-Quebec 2013-2015 and Fellow of ICD 2006

Mrs Louise Roy

Fellow of ICD 2014

M. Guy Saint-Pierre

Fellow of ICD 1998

Mrs Guylaine Saucier

Fellow of ICD 2004

M. Paul M. Tellier

Fellow of ICD 2003

M. Robert Tessier

Fellow of ICD 2018

Mrs Annie Thabet

Chair ICD-Quebec 2017-2019

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M. Luc Villeneuve

CEO ICD-Quebec 2007-2009 and Chair 2009-2011